14 June, 2019

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Lubin, Poland!  As most of you know through various posts and newsletters, the Lubin Baptist Church some years ago received land from the city for 1 % of it’s value.  Seeing that God had given a gift of immense value, the church decided unanimously to step out in faith and start building a physical building that could be used for Sunday worship services as well as to train and equip believers.  It is also a tool to be used as a community and language center where people can come and be exposed to the truth.

It has been an amazing journey where God has met the financial need to the point at where we are today.  The building is structurally set up for two main functions: 1. Main meeting auditorium 2. Social side – to be used for our English Center, apartments, fellowship hall, kitchen and the possibility of having a fellowship hall for youth on the top floor. 

The foundation has been laid, all the walls built, roof put on, most of the windows installed, a lot of the wiring put in, plumbing in, floor heating pipes in and the concrete floor has been poured on the social side. As I write this letter Insulation is being put in and plaster being applied to the walls.

This is good and we are moving forward, but the resources that we currently have will be depleted soon.  We are currently scheduled to move into our new building, Lord willing by the middle of September.  In order for us be able to do this, the following needs to be completed:

  • Complete classrooms 1, 2,3 on the ground floor
  • At least 2 of the 3 bathrooms completed
  • Fellowship area – which will be used for temporary church services as well as a café and waiting area during the week for the “Logos” Language Center
  • Halls, stairs and bathrooms tiled
  • Classrooms either tiled or flooring laid
  • Ceiling panels put in
  • Lights installed
  • Walls painted

I received an estimate of the cost for materials and labor:  The estimate also includes some items for the next floor up as well – like bathrooms and or doors. Here is a financial estimate for the items needed for us to be able to have a smooth move.


INSIDE – ca 350m2

1. Ceilings –                                               15,000 PLN = $ 3,967.21

2. Floor Tiles –                                           28,000 PLN = $ 7,405.46

3. Bathrooms (3 1st floor, 2 2nd floor) –    23,000 PLN = $ 6,083.06

4. Stairs (tiles) –                                           4,050 PLN = $ 1,071.15

5. Doors inside – 17pcs –                           10,800 PLN = $ 2,856.39

6. Central Ventilation –                               12,500 PLN = $ 3,306.01

                                                                93,350 PLN = $ 24,689.29


1. Doors (2 pcs) –                                        8,300 PLN = $ 2,195.19

2. Heating Pump –                                   45,000 PLN = $ 11,901.64

3. Providing Water (100m) –                      11,000 PLN = $ 2,909.29

4. Draining System –                                     6,000 PLN = $1,586.89

5. Rain Water Harvesting system –           13,000 PLN = $ 3,438.25                                                                                                   

                                                                83,300 PLN = $ 22,031.26

                                         Total PLN = 176,650 PLN = $ 46,720.54

Because of the relativity short amount of time we have and the fact that we don’t have any choice but to move because of our landlords not renewing our contract, we would like to make a couple of appeals.

1.  Pray – Please pray that God would provide so that we can move into the new building.  Pray that God would use the building as a tool and a means for people to meet Him.  The church leadership needs wisdom in moving through this transition. The thing is God has always provided.  We trust Him to do so.

2.  From the figures above you see we need about 50,000 USD in order to complete the space we need to continue the ministries that the Lubin Baptist Church has been involved in.  So, if any of you are willing to donate or if you know of someone who may be interested in investing in this project, please contact me at pauleager@ymail.com or paul@trimanpaul.com

Funds can also be sent to the following two locations:

  • Checks:

SEND International

P.O. Box 513

Farmington, MI 48332

For:  Lubin Baptist Church Project Account

World Venture

20 Inverness Pl E

Englewood, CO 80112-5622

(Enclose a note stating that it is for 905-Poland-Church Building Fund-6434905)

If interested in sending directly to the Lubin church, please contact me directly.

Thank you for continuing to pray.  We are looking forward to seeing God’s provisions. 


Paul and the Lubin Baptist Church Family

Sent to everyone because of the issue with the link.

Hi Everyone,
Greetings from Poland!

Today I sent out a letter giving an update of the Lubin Church Building project.

The link for credit card donations that was provided is not as easy as one, two, three to navigate. ? I did not realize this but World Venture changed the address of the giving page. You also have to register in order to get to the giving page. For those interested I am sending a link that will take you to where you can register: https://give.worldventure.com/PartnerCommunity…

Once this is done, you go to the giving page. It will ask to what fund do you want to give. This is the name of the fund: 6434-905-CHURCH BUILDING FUND
If you have any trouble with this please don’t hesitate in contacting me at pauleager@ymail.com or paul@trimanpaul.com. I can help you walk through it. I did it myself to see how it works. ?




If you read our newsletters, you know that we have outgrown our current rental space for our church and language school and are currently building a new ministry center. If God wills we would like to move into the new building next June (2019), but that means A LOT of work to be done between now and then.

I was at the site this week and volunteer worker mentioned that sometimes they have to adjust the normal order of events based on which materials and skilled laborers are available at the time.

One of the men in our church (we call him Z.B.) has been graciously donating his free time to oversee the church building project. He just sent an update, and I want to share it with you so you get an idea of the situation.

Z.B. writes:

  1. Guest workers will insulate the roof: 2 Americans in late June, 2 Americans in late July, and some Filipinos in late August.
  1. Roof: One of our Polish church members and a Filipino friend of our co-workers are finishing the roof.
  1. Two men from Ukraine will come soon and finish the peaks and build a chimney.
  1. Seven men from our church installed the first floor windows themselves last Saturday, thus saving over $800.
  1. Three men from our church have already started doing the electrical work.
  1. Two teens from our church will help set up the WiFi points.

So as you can see, our church people are doing all they can on this building. They and others are giving sacrificially. Men from around the world are donating time and skills for this work, and Z.B. has done a great job saving money wherever possible on both labor and materials.

We consider it our role to help with the fundraising. A big THANK YOU to those who have contributed. By God’s grace and with the help of His people this building is going up for His glory!

Lubin Church Building Project Update

Step by step – Brick by brick

What a privilege to have a front row seat to view what God is orchestrating here in Lubin, Poland. Not only is He adding people to His flock, but He preparing a place for them to meet in the future. One by one, God is drawing people to Himself. Two believers were baptized this spring, and three people came to Christ over the summer. Praise God! That may not sound like much to you, but in this culture, it’s remarkable.

The building is an amazing story in itself. As you may recall, God practically GAVE us the land for the building. Even then, it was a big step of faith for a small congregation. Sure we could afford the land, but we definitely didn’t have the money for the construction. Sensing God’s leading, we started making plans. Since then, we have watched Him provide again and again, from the digging of the foundation to the completion of the walls. The local believers are giving sacrificially and friends from other countries have helped as well, giving time and money.

Our goal is to enclose the building before winter. That means adding the roof and the windows. But we will continue to build only as we have funds, and right now we are out of money. In order to finish this stage, we need $32,700. Here is a breakdown of this amount:

Breakdown of costs 2017
Here are the latest figures for what is needed to enclose the building before winter. Thanks for praying about what you can do.

74,000 zł ($20,881.61) – For the wood frame and roof
27,000 zł ($7,618.96 ) – Windows in the social part (24 windows @ $317.46)
15,000 zł ($4,232.75) – Windows for the auditorium (9
windows @ $470 including electric shades)

Perhaps you would like to purchase a window or two? God has used His people to provide in the past, and we are confident that He will continue to do so. Won’t you pray about what He would like YOU to do?

Bruce & Linda Thomas

Please follow this link to donate: Give

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